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There is a fine line between tax evasion and tax avoidance, but the consequences are drastically different. Tax avoidance is perfectly legal; in many ways, it is a key goal of all sound tax planning. However, tax evasion and tax fraud can carry criminal implications punishable by heavy fines and years in prison.

If you are under IRS investigation or discover an error on an individual or business tax return, seek confidential and professional assistance from an experienced tax lawyer in Fort Lauderdale as soon as possible. At Bucci Law Offices, we offer comprehensive representation for individuals and businesses in these situations.

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Penalties for Tax Evasion

Tax evasion is defined as failing to report and pay taxes by the deadline of April 15th. This includes

  • Under-reporting your income
  • Hiding your money in overseas accounts
  • Improperly claiming deductions
  • Falsely inflating charity donations
  • Paying employees in cash to avoid payroll taxes

Tax evasion is a felony, and penalties can include up to five years in federal prison as well as a penalty of up to $250,000.

Experienced Legal Counsel for Serious Tax Evasion & Tax Fraud Charges

With several decades of experience, Bucci Law has provided exceptional legal services to individual and business taxpayers around the world. If you are facing the potential for criminal tax charges in the U.S., we can help.

Our experienced attorneys understand the fine distinctions between tax avoidance and tax fraud. Working closely with you, together we can build strong legal strategies that seek to protect you and your assets from potential criminal liability.

Defending against Tax Crimes

Deliberately misrepresenting the financial status of an individual or a business by overstating deductions, declaring less income than was actually earned, or omitting sources of income altogether is considered tax evasion and subjects a person to criminal liability.

Other types of criminal tax evasion may include:

  • Misrepresentations regarding your country of residence
  • Creation of tax-exempt legal entities, or tax shelters
  • Commingling of business expenses and personal expenses

Other tax-related crimes can include failing to file a return, filing a false return, and tax fraud.

A Tax Lawyer Can Provide the Protection an Accountant Cannot

When faced with an IRS investigation, some taxpayers turn to their accountants for assistance. Unfortunately, accountants cannot provide the same level of protection that an experienced Fort Lauderdale tax attorney can provide.

When you work with a tax attorney, all of your communications are protected under the attorney-client privilege. There are no analogous privileges between accountants and clients. Too often, taxpayers discover too late that their accountant may be required to disclose personal, potentially incriminating information to the government.

Many taxpayers turn to our firm for help after discovering an error on their tax returns or after receiving correspondence from the IRS. We can help you weigh your options and determine which course of action may be in your best interests.

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