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The IRS loses billions of dollars in tax refunds every year to identity theft tax schemes. The IRS acknowledges that a considerable number of tax-related identity theft cases go completely undetected. Even with the IRS' new focus on identity theft, the number of fraud cases continues to grow exponentially year after year, and more individuals are falling prey to identity theft tax fraud.

At Bucci Law Offices, we are well-versed in the serious issues surrounding tax identity theft. Our lawyers have spoken on this issue at both the National IRS Tax Forum and the Tax Section of the American Bar Association's midyear meeting.

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Criminals Shifting Their Focus to Identity Theft

Organized criminal rings, which have typically engaged in violent or drug crimes to make money, are shifting their focus to identity theft. These career criminals realize that tax-related identity theft of individuals and businesses is easier and more profitable and involves relatively mild criminal charges compared with that of drug trafficking and violent crime. The risk is less and the reward greater.

Criminals engaged in tax-related refund schemes find that the act of stealing someone's identity is so simple that they have begun trading in their guns for laptops. This is no joke.

Professional identity thieves not only steal the personal information of living taxpayers but will also file tax returns with the names and Social Security numbers of newly born children and deceased people. This is an exponentially emergent criminal scheme that is more extensive than anyone ever imagined. The worst part of it is that once the criminal network compromises your information, it will attempt to file under your name for years.

Tax-Related Identity Theft Is a Growing Concern

The incidence of cases of individual tax-related identity theft is growing, especially in Florida. According to a 2013 report filed by the IRS, the Sunshine State leads the nation in sheer numbers of tax-related identity theft fraud attempts.

The Federal Trade Commission listed identity theft as the top consumer complaint of 2012. The Department of Justice announced that tax-related identity theft has surpassed narcotics trafficking as the No. 1 for-profit crime. The IRS has estimated yearly losses of federal funds due to identity theft in the billions of dollars. Florida continues to be the most targeted state for identity theft schemes.

How Criminals Use Personal Information for Tax Fraud

Typically, a victim of tax-related identity theft has no idea that his or her information has been compromised. The IRS has compiled a list of incidents where information – including Social Security numbers, full names, and addresses of individuals – has been stolen. In most cases, the victim has done nothing to make his or her information accessible to theft.

Cases of tax-related identity theft involve countless individuals who gather confidential information while employed at hospitals, doctor's offices, tax preparation service stores, police departments, and even the IRS itself — and then they trade that information for profit. Identity theft perpetrators also purchase information from hackers to gain the private information of substantial numbers of people at one time. These hackers are responsible for massive breaches of government organizations and private businesses.

Using this information, perpetrators of tax-related identity theft simply file a fraudulent tax return under each of the Social Security numbers stolen and receive a refund in the form of a debit card. Before anyone even becomes aware that his or her identity has been compromised, the refund to which the legitimate taxpayer is entitled has already been stolen.

When the taxpayer files a legitimate tax return electronically, it is rejected as a duplicate. The IRS' automated collection system will reject the tax return because another tax return has already been filed under that individual's name using his or her identifying information. Moreover, for the many individuals who are not required to file taxes, they do not become aware of the identity theft until either they file a tax return or the IRS audits the fraudulent tax filing.

You Need Dedicated & Experienced Counsel for Identity Theft Cases

It is essential that victims of tax-related identity theft obtain help from an experienced attorney to deal with their cases. Victims must file a police report immediately following the discovery of identity theft. To obtain relief and refunds that are rightfully owed, the victim must file an Identity Theft Affidavit within a very short time after discovering the theft.

Victims will also be required to deal with the IRS and the state taxing authority. The process of dealing with the IRS could take over a year to settle and if it is not handled correctly, the victim could be held responsible for the cost of the refund.

Victims of identity theft must meet important deadlines to avoid responsibility for the debt or penalties. Victims who are not represented could be exposed to the loss of their refunds or fees from state and federal taxing authorities.

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