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In recent years, the federal government has devoted increasing resources to identifying and taxing offshore assets held by U.S. citizens, residents, and green card holders. In our current environment, it is essential for taxpayers with offshore assets to take careful steps to comply with applicable laws and regulations. Foreign nationals living in the United States and individuals with dual citizenship also face unique tax challenges.

At Bucci Law Offices, we understand the complicated interplay of U.S. and international tax requirements and the impact that certain foreign-based accounts and assets have on your U.S. tax liability. For more than two decades, our founding attorney, Christin M. Bucci — who is also a CPA — has provided individual and business clients throughout the world with thoughtful, strategic advice regarding complex tax issues and areas of potential disputes.

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Handling All of Your International Tax Needs

With a thorough understanding of U.S. tax laws, finance, and international issues, Ms. Bucci can effectively assess and aggressively seek to help you avoid or mitigate international tax controversies.

Our firm works to identify issues that may lead to potential disputes, including issues relating to:

Unlike in other countries, U.S. taxpayers — whether as individuals or businesses — are taxed on their worldwide income. It is up to each individual taxpayer or corporation to show why certain assets and income are not taxable. Our team can present strong arguments on your behalf to minimize your tax burden.

Reporting Foreign Accounts & Assets

Many taxpayers fail to realize that both the IRS and the Department of Treasury have requirements for properly reporting foreign accounts and assets. These are separate reports and require the use of specific forms to comply with the law.

Even if you have complied with one side of the reporting requirements, failure to properly report the other piece can result in serious tax evasion penalties. If you have a foreign bank account or a business with international operations or own property or investments outside of the U.S., seek the advice of our experienced international tax lawyers in Fort Lauderdale.

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At Bucci Law, we strive to help you prevent civil and criminal penalties associated with failure to comply with reporting requirements or failure to pay taxes. We are well-versed in the nuanced requirements of tax laws and look forward to helping you navigate them.

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