Attorney Christin Bucci Appointed ABA Vice-Chair of the Section's Committee on Bankruptcy and Workouts

Attorney Christin M. Bucci, C.P.A., LL.M of Bucci Law Offices, P.A., has been appointed Vice-Chair of the American Bar Association's (ABA) Section Committee on Bankruptcy and Workouts. Bucci will also serve as part of the Section of Taxation's leadership team for 2015-2016.

As Vice-Chair of the Committee on Bankruptcy and Workouts, Bucci will be responsible for overseeing the requirements, procedures and deadlines set forth in the Guide to Committee Operations. The Committee will address the needs and concerns of those in the Bankruptcy & Workouts industry. The Committee will also address tax collections issues affecting the Bankruptcy & Workouts industry.

As a member of the Taxation leadership team, Bucci will assist in serving the members and the public by providing education about taxes and tax systems, and by providing leadership to support the development of an equitable, efficient, and workable tax system.

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