Regarding Transparency: Offshore Bank Account Holders Beware

It's a common joke that if you have money, you can literally get away with murder. While this is the obvious case in a John Grisham novel or blockbuster film where financial crimes are traced to the darkest alleys of Gotham City, it somehow seemed to be the case in real life too where the guy with the offshore bank account ended up on a beach somewhere in Bermuda. I have little doubt that this type of clean getaway after the perpetration of a massive financial crime happened in the past.

Actually, as a lawyer who specializes in tax controversy, I know it's true. But, know this. Those days are over, as is bank secrecy. Before the age of wireless communication and the World Wide Web, how could you find the person who stripped your accounts dry, stole your business out from under you, or hid money that was rightfully yours? All that was left was someone's sad paper trail and a couple of witnesses - That is how the guy ends up in Bermuda by the way.

You would assume that it must be a little more difficult to scam the government out of money, meaning they must have some greater sophistication than the average Joe to find the truth about the location of money that legally belongs to them. Even with the tracking devices that technology affords us today, the IRS is no CIA - just a bunch of guys and gals sifting through large amounts of bank statements, looking for a hole in the stack.