Government Shutdown Assures the IRS Will Have Its Cake and Eat It Too

Taxpayers do not be fooled! The government shutdown is not a snow day for taxpayers. While tax courts are closed, for the time being, federal courts remain open and taxpayers must comply with important deadlines because they will be upheld by the Internal Revenue Service.

Approximately 85,000 IRS employees have been sidelined by the government shutdown. What does this mean for you, the taxpayer? First the good news: IRS audits and examinations have been temporarily placed on hold. These are sure to continue as soon as the U.S. government figures out their appropriations hold, so don't celebrate just yet.

Your IRS representative has likely halted correspondence but will pick it back up once the shutdown has ended. So, don't erase the number of your tax attorney just yet. Now for the not so good news: Until the government is once again fully operative no further tax refunds will be issued for 2012. Tax returns are still due by October 15, 2013, and payments must be made.