South Florida Taxpayers Beware of Dangerous Phone Calls Alleging to be the IRS!

Beware if you receive a phone call from the Internal Revenue Service asking for a payment for unpaid taxes! The IRS usually does not contact people by phone to obtain payment for past due taxes. In fact, the IRS has now officially issued a warning to people not to respond should they receive a call from someone representing themselves as the IRS.

If this happens to you, it is more than likely a scam attempt by very creative and resourceful characters, who want to steal your money. Life in the identity theft capital of the United States - Florida - isn't all sunshine and retirement, these days.

I tell you as a Florida tax attorney who has spoken all over the United States about identity theft, just hang up the phone. The IRS will not call or e-mail you! Don't be tricked into to giving your personal identify information such as name, date of birth and especially Social Security number. These scammers will be convincing, often times they will already be armed with some of your private information - the last four digits of your Social Security number or email address but do not let your guard down. These criminal callers are informed about some details of your life that may mislead you into trusting them.