Fort Lauderdale Tax Attorney, Christin Bucci, speaks on Identity Theft at 2013 ABA Midyear Meeting

Have you been the victim of identity theft? It's not just you. Just ninety miles away from a national epicenter of identity theft, Tampa, Florida, our ABA renowned Florida tax attorney, Christin Bucci, was invited to speak on the tax refund identity theft epidemic which is sweeping the nation. Ms. Bucci was chosen as a panelist and joined several other panelists including the National Identity Theft Coordinator from IRS' Criminal Investigation Division, Michael J. DePalma, and the Department of Justice Tax Division Representative, Larry John Wszalek, to discuss this issue.

The conference was a huge success! Attorneys from all over the country descended upon Orlando, Florida at the end of January 2013, while Ms. Bucci laid bare the simple scheme used by identity thieves to steal legitimate tax refunds from taxpayers- and the resultantly complex undertaking it is to fix the problem with the IRS. It typically goes like this:

Using stolen private Social Security Numbers, birthdays, full names and addresses of persons, a fraudulent tax return is filed with the IRS, reporting fictitious wages, and withholding, and claiming a tax refund. As Congress has statutorily mandated the IRS give speedy refunds to taxpayers, the refunds are typically sent out to taxpayers in the form of an untraceable debit card. Before the taxpayer even becomes aware that their identity has been compromised, the refund monies to which the legitimate taxpayer is entitled, have already been stolen!