Florida Residency Requirements for State Tax Purposes

The State of Florida does not impose a personal income tax on its residents. For purposes of Florida property taxes and the homestead exemption, permanent residency is a factual determination made by the property appraiser. Some factors considered are:

1. Formal declarations of the person;
2. Informal statements of the person;
3. Place of employment;
4. The date previous non-Florida residency was terminated;
5. The place where the person is registered to vote;
6. The place of issuance of the person's driver's license;
7. The place of issuance of a license tag on any motor vehicle owned by the person;
8. The address as listed on federal income tax returns filed by the person.

Florida permits a person who has established a domicile in the state, but who also maintains another place or places of abode in some other states, to manifest and evidence such domicile by filing in the office of the clerk of the circuit court for the county in which that person resides, a sworn statement showing that his or her place of abode in Florida constitutes his or her predominant and principal home, and that he or she intends to continue it permanently as such.