Results-Driven Representation For Highly Complex Tax Controversies

Whether you need tax planning strategies or help with domestic or international transactions, we will provide you with excellent legal experience for tax defense, advice, analysis and planning matters. Contact Bucci Law when you need help with any challenging tax issue, including:

  • Preventing or preparing for an IRS audit, whether for you or your business.
  • Advocating for you throughout all stages of the administrative IRS appeals process and court proceedings.
  • Representing the interests of high net worth individuals undergoing examination by the IRS Wealth Squad.
  • Resolving tax debt and other tax problems through either litigation or negotiations with the IRS, whichever the situation requires.
  • Protecting international assets with proper reporting and disclosure of foreign bank accounts and operations; for taxpayers with undeclared foreign assets, we can advise you on the steps necessary for international compliance.
  • Preventing business and employment taxation issues through proactive tax law counseling for businesses and corporations.
  • Defending criminal charges of tax evasion and tax fraud.