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Taking Decisive Action For Taxpayers Accused Of Unpaid Taxes

Any individual or business taxpayer who has received notice of unpaid or back taxes needs to understand the urgency of their situation. An unpaid tax bill will quickly accumulate penalties and interest. Therefore, the longer you fail to take action, the worse your situation will become.

At Bucci Law Offices, we understand the seriousness of complex tax issues. Our dedicated legal guidance and unwavering support has provided significant benefits to foreign and domestic individual and corporate taxpayers. Acutely aware of what is at stake, we will take the time to understand your situation, assess your options and develop the most appropriate strategy. Located in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, our lawyers are dedicated to minimizing your tax liabilities.

Helping You Manage Your Back Taxes

There are many reasons individuals and businesses may find themselves owing back taxes, including:

  • Not filing and having the IRS prepare a substitute for return
  • Underreporting income on a previous tax return
  • Overstating deductions or expenses on a previous tax return
  • An audit that resulted in a tax deficiency
  • Filing the return but not paying the taxes

Tax debt can grow at an alarming rate. The IRS can assess penalties for underpayment or failure to file. Interest may also continuously accrue from the required filing date for each tax year. Penalties and accruing interest can transform what may have begun as a modest unpaid tax amount into an unmanageable debt, subjecting you to liens against your property, bank levies, forfeiture, the revocation of your passport, and more.

Time Is Of The Essence. Seek Quality Legal Assistance Now.

No matter the reason for, or amount of, your back taxes, our attorneys will work diligently to help you through this difficult time. Contact Bucci Law online, or call 954-900-9107 to schedule a consultation. We represent taxpayers across Florida, the United States and the world.