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Aggressive Representation In Complex Tax Disputes

Time is of the essence for any business or individual facing tax issues. Failing to act quickly and intelligently can be quite costly and may result in criminal charges or forfeiture of important rights. The skill and experience of your legal counsel can make a dramatic difference in how your case is resolved.

With offices in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Bucci Law Offices provides personalized solutions to domestic and foreign individuals and businesses worldwide facing a wide range of tax issues, including:

  • Tax deficiencies caused by unpaid taxes or failing to file a tax return that can have devastating consequences. If the IRS is investigating you or your company, our law firm will work diligently to show the IRS is in error, or to mitigate the potential consequences.
  • Complex international tax compliance issues. Our team effectively manages a broad spectrum of foreign tax issues, including the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP), international business tax issues and more.
  • Allegations of criminal tax fraud and evasion must be defended vigorously. We will protect your rights at every turn, going the extra mile to hold the government to its burden of proving every element of its case beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Levies and liens imposed by the IRS can drain your bank accounts and make it impossible to sell your property. Our attorneys will go the extra mile to provide every opportunity to fairly resolve these tax issues, arguing for removal of liens and levies, while proposing alternate options for resolutions within your means.
  • Negotiations of settlements, payment plans and penalty abatements: Over our firm's history we have been successful listening and understanding our clients' circumstances and helping them mitigate unpaid taxes, penalties and interest through skilled negotiation.
  • Tax appeals: An IRS Revenue Agent does not have the final word in a tax controversy. With a complete knowledge of the appeals process, we will go the extra mile to put forth powerful arguments in support of your position.
  • Tax issues related to real estate transactions for both domestic and international purchasers and sellers may require legal assistance.

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Our law firm, led by experienced tax lawyer Christin M. Bucci, is ready to help you resolve your IRS problems — from negotiating with the IRS at every stage of your tax controversy to litigating your case in the federal court system, as suitable. Immediately upon receiving notification of a potential tax law issue, contact our law firm for assistance. The sooner you act, the more options we can pursue on your behalf. Further, the longer you delay addressing your tax dispute, the higher the risk of increased costs and devastating consequences. How long can you afford to do nothing? Don't wait.

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