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Providing Experienced And Dedicated Assistance With IRS Audits

At best, an audit is an unwelcome intrusion on any taxpayer's life. While audits are necessary to ensure taxpayers are complying with applicable regulations, the fact remains that no one wants to open their records to IRS scrutiny. Despite the potential problems, an audit is no time to panic. You have many rights during an audit, and an experienced tax attorney can provide invaluable assistance.

At Bucci Law Offices, we focus on helping individuals and businesses around the world resolve complex tax problems. With a unique blend of experienced, strategic representation and a commitment to client service, we take the time to understand our clients' issues and develop a plan to effectively navigate an audit.

Risks Associated With IRS Audits

An audit may expose taxpayers to severe penalties, fines and liability for payment of back taxes. In the most serious cases, taxpayers could be exposed to the possibility of criminal charges. During an audit, the IRS may examine the details of your financial affairs, including foreign and domestic bank accounts, real property holdings, employment records, debts and investments. Employees of the IRS may also question your business associates and other third parties about your financial circumstances, potentially exposing you to embarrassment and damage to your professional reputation.

If the IRS determines there is a deficiency — that you have underpaid your tax liability — you may be subject to enforced collection activities such as tax liens or levies. The time to appeal this decision is very short and requires immediate action.

An Audit Demands The Highest Levels Of Experienced And Proactive IRS Tax Audit Help

Even perfectly completed tax returns may be audited. Certain factors may increase the possibility of an examination, including your income level, the types of deductions claimed and any income omissions that were reported to the IRS by others. An experienced tax law attorney can guide you through the entire examination.

At Bucci Law, our lawyers have been representing individuals and businesses during the audit process for more than 20 years. We know the steps the IRS is likely to take and will take proactive, strategic steps designed to safeguard your financial interests.

Every decision you make prior to and during the audit process may affect your financial and criminal liability. Once a civil examination is underway, if there are sensitive issues, there is a fine line between an examination converting from a civil audit to a criminal investigation. We know how to guide you through an "eggshell audit," stepping carefully to minimize the likelihood of an audit escalating to a criminal investigation.

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