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As an individual or business, you may feel as if you are at a disadvantage when up against the IRS in a tax controversy. However, many taxpayers do not fully understand their rights.

At Bucci Law Offices, we provide sophisticated and aggressive legal assistance to foreign and domestic taxpayers in all matters of tax law. With more than 18 years of focused representation for clients facing complex tax controversies, our founding attorney Christin M. Bucci represents individuals and corporations before the Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Tax Court and federal district court.

In order to protect your rights, you must act quickly when a tax controversy or dispute arises. The best course of action is to avoid receiving a negative ruling. However, if a ruling has been issued, contact our office immediately for personalized attention and professional advice focused on your unique circumstances.

Appealing An IRS Or Tax Court Decision

Not all decisions made by the IRS are final — you may have the right to appeal a decision made against you. The appeal process can be quite complex and should not be attempted without the guidance of an attorney. Our experienced tax lawyer will advise you of your rights and options, and will help you develop a clear, strong appeals strategy.

Strict deadlines dictate the number of days an administrative hearing or an appeal can be filed, whether you are at the IRS Appeals Office, U.S. Tax Court or federal court level. If you fail to act in a timely manner, your rights may be forfeited.

The following tax issues may warrant an appeal:

Stopping An IRS Tax Levy Through Collection Due Process Proceedings

Once a tax deficiency has been assessed against you, the IRS may attempt to levy your assets to satisfy the debt. Before attempting collection action, the IRS is required to notify you. Once you receive notification, you may request a Collections Due Process (CDP) hearing to stop the levy and appeal the underlying assessment at the Appeals Office.

Your time to request this hearing is limited. You must complete Form 12153 within 30 days of receiving notice from the IRS.

During a CDP hearing, you may raise any relevant defense to the proposed levy and may challenge the validity of the underlying tax deficiency. If the Appeals Office does not decide in your favor, you may appeal the decision to the Tax Court.

Contact An Experienced Tax Attorney

Attorney Christin M. Bucci is extremely knowledgeable regarding IRS appeals and she constructs strong legal arguments that protect her clients' rights. She will take the time to explain your rights, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of initiating an appeal in your circumstances. If the IRS abuses its discretion or fails to act reasonably during the administrative appeals process, our firm has the skills and experience to successfully pursue your rights in tax court.

Contact Bucci Law Offices, or call 305-340-2275 in Miami, 954-900-9107 in Fort Lauderdale, or toll free at 800-743-4263. We handle cases worldwide. Call us today to schedule a consultation.