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We Help Negotiate Payment Plans For Taxpayers

If you or your company is in the midst of a complex tax dispute, the sums of back taxes and penalties owed — and the constantly accruing interest — can quickly become overwhelming. If you are struggling to pay a large tax debt, you may have options.

Bucci Law Offices in Florida provides dedicated and highly professional tax law assistance to foreign and domestic clients facing serious tax controversies. With more than 18 years of focused experience helping our clients resolve complex tax issues, we will determine if you qualify for tax relief through the use of a payment plan.

Tax Relief Through Installment Agreements Or Payment Plans

An IRS payment plan — also known as an installment agreement — is a written agreement to satisfy tax liabilities by making payments, generally in monthly installments. Obtaining the right to repay your tax over the long term is not automatically granted: a formal proposal must be submitted and accepted by the IRA, a process with which our law firm is quite familiar.

Preparing a proposed payment plan to which the IRS will agree requires a thorough understanding of IRS procedures. Founding attorney Christin M. Bucci has both the legal and financial knowledge — as a CPA as well as a highly experienced attorney — necessary to assess your unique situation, formulate possible solutions and prepare a proposal that the IRS may accept.

The Proposal Process

First, the IRS evaluates what you can afford to pay, based on numerous income and expense factors. Then, you must also qualify for an installment agreement. Requirements include:

  • Full payment of the tax liability within the statutory collection period, except in the case of "partial pay" installment agreements
  • You must remain in full compliance during the term of the agreement
  • You must provide updated financial information upon request by the IRS
  • You must pay setup fees for your direct, nondirect or payroll deduction payments

We will educate you about the pros and cons of each type of installment agreement, and we will help you make an informed decision based on your unique circumstances.

The Benefits Of An IRS Payment Plan

Acceptance by the IRS of an installment agreement may not only make repayment of your tax debt more manageable, but it may also stop collection activities against your business interests and personal assets. It may also protect you from the IRS initiating a new collection proceeding against you in the future.

How Can Bucci Law Offices Help?

Negotiating with the IRS can be very difficult. Bucci Law Offices will assess your situation, explain your options and put your strongest case forward for securing a federal tax payment plan. For more information, or to schedule a consultation with our lawyer, Contact Bucci Law Offices, or call 305-340-2275 in Miami, 954-900-9107 in Fort Lauderdale, or toll free at 800-743-4263. We handle cases worldwide. Call us today to schedule a consultation.