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Get A Fresh Start To Your Tax Woes

Since 2012, many taxpayers with substantial tax debts have relied on the IRS Fresh Start Initiative. In the IRS Fresh Start Initiative, taxpayers with past due taxes can create repayment plans, known by the IRS as installment agreements, to become current on their tax debts. For any taxpayer with substantial unpaid taxes, a skilled tax lawyer will be instrumental in helping develop a solution to serious tax problems.

Bucci Law Offices maintains an international tax practice. Attorney Christin M. Bucci has significant experience negotiating on behalf of taxpayers with the IRS. This experience, combined with her knowledge of tax issues, makes our law firm a strong resource.

Changes To The Fresh Start Initiative

In September 2016, the IRS made major changes to the Fresh Start Initiative. Previously, taxpayers with $25,000 to $50,000 in unpaid taxes were eligible for the streamlined Fresh Start Initiative. Now, taxpayers with up to $100,000 in tax debts could be eligible to repay their tax debts through an installment plan.

Furthermore, the IRS will accept payment terms of up to seven years, although this time could be shorter depending on whether the statute of limitations is an issue. In addition, taxpayers owing less than $100,000 will not be required to provide financial information to the IRS.

One downside to the Fresh Start Initiative is that for taxpayers with more than $50,000 in tax debts, the IRS will file a lien against them. The IRS accepts automatic monthly payments, and in most cases, is likely to prefer automatic payments.

Let Us Help You Find Out If The Fresh Start Program Is Right For You

At Bucci Law Offices, we can look carefully at your tax debts to see what alternatives are available, including the Fresh Start Initiative. For instance, it may make sense to get an extension to repay some of your tax debt so your total tax debt falls under $50,000. At that point you may then qualify for an installment agreement under the Fresh Start Initiative without the IRS filing a lien against you. We will explore all of your options and present the strongest possible case to the IRS.

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